As you already know, JavaScript is the most popular language right now. Everybody uses it, and it can be used for anything, from front-end to back-end… JavaScript gets even more popular when web frameworks and libraries like Angular, React and Vue are recommended and used by many developers. But then, there is another option… It’s called Blazor.


Blazor uses C# and .NET but don’t panic, Blazor doesn’t require the browsers to have add-ons and plugins to run it. It uses WebAssembly. So, let’s get this straight. Blazor is a new web framework based on familiar web technologies like HTML and…

Password managers, something I only found out about in recent years. Of course, at first, I did some researches on the internet and there were many many praises for 1Password, even some people I know were actually using it. And that led me to 1Password and its subscription. So let’s talk about it first.


Like many praises on tech sites, 1Password is indeed is a feature-rich password manager. Aside from basic features like credentials, secure notes, card info, and identities storage. It has a powerful password generator, a place call Watchtower where it categorizes your passwords between weak, reused, vulnerable…

It’s been a long time since my last article about my dev environment. It was back when I was still in college and was working on a small project. Many things have changed since then. Now my work every day doesn’t require many developing tasks as before but I still keep my dev environment.

So here are the things that I’m using in 2020:

  • The new Microsoft Edge (Chromium version)
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Windows Terminal (Preview)

Microsoft Edge (Chromium version)

Let’s talk about browsers. For a long long time, I had been in the favor of Google Chrome though I admitted it wasn’t perfect…

A few months ago, I wrote an article to show how to get Zsh in WSL on Windows 10. But I haven’t exactly shown how to make it the default shell. In facts, you can’t (not the “official” way anyway), because bash.exe in System32 folder is meant to call bash shell, not zsh. So no matter how you try to set zsh as the default shell through chsh -s $(which zsh), it doesn’t work if you still call to bash.exe everytime you use WSL.

Knowing this, the WSL team has made some changes. In the recent Windows 10 Insider builds…

Since I’m still kind of a newbie in web development, there’s not much about my dev environment. My current environment is three core pieces:

  • Bash on Windows
  • Hyper
  • Visual Studio Code

Bash on Windows

Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

It may sound crazy, but there is a way to use the actual Bash shell on Windows. It’s Linux running on Windows, not a utility like Cygwin or a VM. I’m using Bash on Windows (aka Windows Subsystem for Linux) to build, run and deploy Angular and Jekyll

The Windows Subsystem for Linux is easy to install. All you need is a 64-bit computer with Windows 10 Anniversary Update…

NOTES: If you are using Windows 10 Fall Creator Update, you probably won’t need this tutorial after all. Because in the Fall Creator Update, there is a right way to set up and use Zsh as default shell.

I set up WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) a long time ago but haven’t got time to mess around with it that much so I didn’t know that until Insider Build 15042, the Zsh shell didn’t work in WSL on Windows 10. But for now, if you’re in Insider Program, you can install Zsh shell and use it in WSL. …

Okay… Hi, I’m Vinh. I’m an undergrad student in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I’m studying telecommunitions and networking. I’m actually new at writing like this, especially in English since it’s not my mother tongue. And even worse, Grammarly’s Chrome extension somehow doesn’t work on :(

I think Medium will be where I share the story of my life mostly. I know some people use Medium for professional purpose. I’m not sure I’m there yet. Though I’ll try put in some professional stuff whenever I can, and it will be mostly about I.T. for sure.

Vinh Pham

A techie, explorer. Looking for the impossible in the most unlikely places.

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